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PreSetter P368LR with HSKF63

PreSetter P368LR with HSKF63


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TTB.2M10001 3400.00 2500.00 4148.00 3050.00 1
The Preset P368LR is a precision tool setting instrument developed by m.conti preset calipers gauges measuring instruments, easy and quick to use, especially designed to meet the requirements of the NC machine operators. It is mainly used in the wood, metal and glass working field where there is a constant need to pre-set or adjust the tools.
The Preset P368LR measures both the radius/diameter and the length/height of the tools. Working with different tool holders or various machines can be possible by setting up to 4 origins. The measures shown in the display can be set directly in the machine and the production quickly starts again.
- Excellent price/quality relationship
- Considerable cutback of tooling-up times, no waste of material
- 4 machine origins
- It measures shank tools and cutterheads
- Battery powered – no need of electrical plug
- Large display easy to read
- One touch conversion mm/inch
- Interchangeable cone holders (ISO, HSK, VDI, arbors)
Slide guides:
X axis: slide guide with preloaded recirculating ball bearings
Z axis: slide guide in anti-friction material
Measurement detection: Precision magnetic strip